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You can play and important role in homeland security by being vigilant and watching for signs of terrorist or criminal activity.   Please provide the details of the observed behavior or informaton in the narrative box below.   You may remain anonymous if you wish.   You can also submit information by telephone by calling the ACTIC at 877-2-SAVEAZ (877-272-8329).


Please describe the incident in as much detail as possible including: Who, What, When, Where and How Do You Know.

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We may have additional questions we would like to ask you via the web or you may want to provide additional information later. Again, your response is not required and your contact information will remain anonymous, you will be given a tip code number for follow-up (not your name). To follow-up on this tip anonymously you can log in to later using a password that you select below or one will be assigned to you automatically when you submit this tip.

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